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AG Biotechnology

Providing access to technology, science, and economic value is more than just a promise; it is Ag’s only purpose.  Our company delivers high-quality results in multi-dimensional medical arenas, while making a difference in the healthcare continuum on local, national, and international scale.

AG Consulting

Healthcare and medicine management is in a crisis.  The current paths of many healthcare providers will soon become unsustainable due to higher cost, reimbursement changes, quality issues, and limited choices. These problems are forcing fundamental changes in the way healthcare professionals have to manage medicine.  The providers who fail to address this …

AG Marketing

Unlike firms that take a cookie-cuter approach to medical consulting, AG take great pride in leveraging its institutional knowledge as well as the expertise of our cadre of Consultants to deliver practical, applicable solutions to our clients. Several primary factors differentiate AG from other marketing firms today: We are experts in our …

AG Leaders of Tomorrow

 We called in some favors.  We teamed up with some of our favorite people; medical experts, business developers, former executives, company leaders, professional problem solvers, marketers, and even tinkerers and takeout critics, in order to create a powerful meeting place for our youth.  You have questions?  They have answers.  Just connect with …

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