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Interventional Pain Management

AG is committed to the distribution and representation of simplified bio-solutions for the treatment of pain and movement disorders. Our products and services are dedicated to limiting uncertainty for healthcare professionals so that they can concentrate on what matters, patient care!

Wound Care Management

Everything we do at AG is driven by our commitment to improve healing through rapid regeneration of damaged tissue.  Our commercial and clinical partnerships allows to deliver innovative bioactive healing products for tissue regeneration.


As a tissue distributor, AG takes incredibly seriously the donor criteria, screening and testing, sterilization processes, and quality assurance used by all manufactures we represent.  This is why surgeons and patients continue to work with AG.

Reconstructive and General Surgery

Various tissues, bio-products, and skin matrixes are used in reconstructive surgery and repairs.  Choosing the right bio-product is critical.  AG is intimately involved in the rapidly changing world of biotechnology.

Neuro-Ortho Spine

Surgeons perfect their art by limiting and managing the uncertainties.  That’s why AG is dedicated to helping surgeons limit those uncertainties through the right products and services, so that surgeons can do their most important work with confidence and ease.


Orthopedic products are designed to help relieve pain in specific parts of the body, aid in recovery from injuries, and improve your overall comfort. AG offers the best choices of product solutions to help minimize pain, increase comfort, and help recover from injuries.


Careers Opportunities at AG

We’re self-funded and profitable, and we’re growing fast. We’re always looking for smart and driven people to join us. We move ultra-quickly and work on all kinds of products and projects.

Every job at AG comes with fantastic benefits, opportunities, and tools.

What's New

7 September

AG Biotechnology

Providing access to technology, science, and economic value is more than just a promise; it is Ag’s only purpose.  Our company delivers high-quality results in multi-dimensional medical arenas, while making a difference in the healthcare continuum on local, national, and international scale.

7 September

AG Consulting

Healthcare and medicine management is in a crisis.  The current paths of many healthcare providers will soon become unsustainable due to higher cost, reimbursement changes, quality issues, and limited choices.

These problems are forcing fundamental changes in the way healthcare professionals have to manage medicine.  The providers who fail to address this new environment will likely “hit the wall” and require immediate and major forced restructuring – a ...

7 September

AG Marketing

Unlike firms that take a cookie-cuter approach to medical consulting, AG take great pride in leveraging its institutional knowledge as well as the expertise of our cadre of Consultants to deliver practical, applicable solutions to our clients.

Several primary factors differentiate AG from other marketing firms today:

  • We are experts in our issue areas, not generalists.
  • We offer breadth and depth in ...

7 September

AG Leaders of Tomorrow

 We called in some favors.  We teamed up with some of our favorite people; medical experts, business developers, former executives, company leaders, professional problem solvers, marketers, and even tinkerers and takeout critics, in order to create a powerful meeting place for our youth.  You have questions?  They have answers.  Just connect with us and we’ll take care of the rest.

It is time for ...

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